Pressure vessels

Pressure Vessels manufacturing: OUR CORE BUSINESS SINCE THE 80’s

Delta Engineering is able to perform in-house mechanical design, calculation and all related manufacturing and testing activities of the following Pressure Vessels:

  • High and Low Pressure Spherical / Horizontal / Vertical Dampners;
  • Pig Launching and Receiving Traps;
  • Indirect Water Bath Heaters;
  • Deaerators;
  • Induced gas flotation (IGF);
  • Combustion Chambers and Burners;
  • Reactors;
  • Columns;
  • Cryogenic;
  • Housings for Cartridge / Basket Filters;
  • Housings for Steam Separators;
  • Housings for Double Barrel Separators;
  • Housings for Three-phase Separators;
  • Atmospheric Tanks.


Thanks to Stamp “U2” certification, Delta Engineering is able to cover high pressure applications where relevant thickness (up to 200 mm) is involved.
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