Delta Engineering can offer a wide range of filtration systems addressed to Water & Gas Treatment applications.
An experienced team will design your equipment by means of property software and sizing tools, following technical specification and providing efficient solutions to satisfy your filtration needs.
High complexity Projects, huge sizes, quality executions represent our daily business.

Process Assessment & Filtration Technologies

Delta Engineering will select the perfect solution disposing of a wide range of filtration technologies.

Basket Filters

Simplex or Duplex configuration, equipped with High Surface Pleated Wire Mesh or Wedge Wire basket.
Commonly called “Strainers” these filters are the simplest solution for solid-liquid or solid-gas filtration.
Duplex filters consist of two filters – one in operation and one in stand-by – connected by two 3-way valves.
Filtering degree available: 25 micron and above.

Cartridges Filters
Solid-Liquid and Solid-Gas Filtration

Cartridge filters are commonly used to remove solid contaminants from Natural gas, Amines, Glycols, Water, Lube oils.

  • Pleated polypropylene cartridges OD 2,5” from 0.5 to 5 micron
  • Stainless steel sintered fiber cartridges, 3 micron and above, in corrosion and high temperature resistant environment
  • High Capacity Synthetic fiber (Polypropylene, Glass Fiber, Polyester, Cotton) Pleated cartridges from 0.6 micron and above in high flowrate applications
Coalescing Filtration

Coalescing filter is typically intended to remove fine liquid aerosols/mist from gas streams (liquid-gas coalescer)
or two immiscible liquids as water drops from lube oils, condensates and other hydrocarbons (liquid-liquid coalescer).
Depending on your application, our filters can be equipped with

  • Fiberglass Liquid-Gas Coalescer Cartridge rated 0.3 / 1 / 5 / 25 micron
  • Fiberglass Liquid-Liquid Coalescer Cartridge rated 0.5 / 1 / 5 / 25 micron

Double Barrel Filter Separators

A filter separator is a two-stage device often used for solids and liquid removal in relatively low liquid loading application. Gas enters the inlet nozzle and passes through the Solid-Gas Filtration section, where solids particles are filtered from gas stream and liquid particles are coalesced into larger droplets. Any free liquid is also removed in the first section. The coalesced droplet pass through the filter riser tubes and carried into the second section of separator, where a final mist extraction element removed these droplet from the gas steam.

Mini-cyclone Filters

Cyclonic mist extractor uses centrifugal force to separate solids and liquid droplet from the gas phase based on density difference. The main advantage of cyclonic extractors is that they provide good removal efficiency (up to 5-8 micron) at very high gas capacity. An additional cartridge stage can be included to reach highest solid-liquid removal performance (up to 0.3 micron).

Self Cleaning Filters

Automatic self-cleaning back-washing filters are simple and reliable devices and are normally used to remove solids from fluids (such as oil, industrial water and sea water) and are especially addressed to cooling plant for steel works, continuous casting plants, rolling mills, electric power stations, refineries, chemical plants and the oil industry.
Our self-cleaning filters are equipped with Local Control Panel, DP Alarm, Differential Pressure Gauge, Drain/Vent Valves and Backwash Actuated Valve (pneumatic or electric).
Filtering screens “candles” are placed on a support plate in the filter and solid impurities are discharged outside by
back-washing rotating arm using the same filtered water as back-washing fluid.
This operation can be scheduled both automatically, placing electric control board commutator on the
position AUT, and manually, placing the commutator on the position MAN.
Materials of Construction available: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex, SuperDuplex, Rubber Lined Carbon Steel.
Filtering degree: 25 micron and above.
Cleaning cycle starts based on DP set point or timing.